Olivia Round
Long-Life Tips For Ebike Health

There’s nothing like taking your ebike on its inaugural ride. Wind in your..

Mary Fenton
There's a Radcessory For That

“Radcessories” is a new video series that showcases the many different..

Mary Fenton
We're Going On a Radventure

We get asked this question a lot: Where can I try one of these ebikes?!

Joe Flynn
Bikepacking | Riding Rad

“Riding Rad” is an approachable introduction to broader issues and topics..

Mary Fenton
Rehabbing a Pro Athlete | Rad Stories

Even though he was throwing baseballs before he was riding bikes, Caleb..

Cory Tsai
Adjusting Your Suspension Fork | Rad Tech

“Rad Tech” is a step-by-step, technical, how-to video series that empowers..

Steffen Stroup
Blazing Trail

It’s bad enough getting heckled in paved bike lanes where you know ebikes..

Mary Fenton
Rad Stories: Endless Summer

In the classic surf film "Endless Summer," Bruce Brown and Co. chase swell..

Mary Fenton
The Extra Mile: Work-Life Rad

“The Extra Mile” is a Rad new video series that highlights the dedication,..

Mary Fenton
Which Bike is Best for Your Dad?

He changed your diapers. He bathed you. He made a mean mac 'n cheese. Maybe..

Peyton Walker
Riding the Ebike Wave to the Beach

You wake up, stoked on the anticipation of an early morning surf. You take..

Steffen Stroup
Ebiking in the EU

As ebike enthusiasts and advocates of cycling at large, we aspire to..

Becs Richards
The Electric Cargo Trike That Could

Michel Letarte maintains an entrepreneurial, bicycle-driven spirit. He uses..

Mary Fenton
Hit the Road with "The RVers"

Fire up those charcoal briquets, because it’s almost Friday. Memorial Day..

Mary Fenton
Bike-Share Repair in Vancouver | Rad Stories

"Rad Stories" is a new video series that showcases the many ways ebikes can..

Steffen Stroup
Famous Moments in Bike History

Back in the days before energy-laden fruit snacks, helmets, or full-body..

Joe Flynn
Committing To Commuting: Riding Rad

We're halfway through Bike Month, and it's a good time to take stock of your..

Mary Fenton
Friday is Bike Everywhere Day

We're rounding the corner on National Bike Month and the fun is in..

Mary Fenton
So Easy a Kid Can Build It

When I was in kindergarten, I learned how to hold scissors and to not eat..

Mary Fenton
Come on a Radvenger Hunt, Win an Ebike!

In honor of the grand opening of our new Ballard retail space, we're hosting..

Luke Kipnis
Commuting By Ebike: What I Learned

For the past three months, I have been commuting to work on my ebike every..

Mary Fenton
What Does it Mean to Be Bike Friendly?

Mayday! Mayday! It's here!

Mary Fenton
Pure Treedom

There's just something about riding a bike through the woods. Wind in your..

Tessa Ward
Because It's the Only Planet We've Got

There are plenty of reasons to ride an ebike. 

It's fun, it's less sweaty..

Tessa Ward
Going Dutch

For the first time in bike industry history, ebike sales surpassed bike sales

Steffen Stroup
What is Consumer Direct?

If you follow trends in the retail and ecommerce markets, or have shopped..

Mary Fenton
Survey Says ...

In the name of constantly improving and innovating our products for the..

Joe Flynn
Spring Maintenance | Riding Rad


Riding Rad is back with a new episode. In this latest installment, we..

Mary Fenton
Dear Driver: Sticker Giveaway

As a continuation of our coverage to build awareness around the dangers of..

Mary Fenton
Eyes On The Road

April means a lot of things: Longer days with (fingers crossed) more..

Mary Fenton
April Fool's Video Outtakes

Har dee har har, right? Everybody loves an April Fool's joke, don't they?..

Mary Fenton
Introducing: The RadFit

Here at Rad Power Bikes, we’re constantly striving to improve upon..

Mary Fenton
Hey, Seattle! We've Moved!

After three years in our Ballard retail location on Market Street, we've..

Keenan Leary
A Step-Thru for Who?

It’s true: the step-thru bike frame was originally created, near the tail..

Joe Flynn
Regenerative Braking | Riding Rad

Here at Rad Power Bikes, we often get asked if pedaling can recharge the..

Peyton Walker
Guide to Electric Bike Motors

The motor, arguably one of the most integral components on any ebike, has..

Keenan Leary
How to Service the Ebike You Purchased Online

You might be asking yourself, "How do I keep my bike running smoothly if I..

Joe Flynn
Riding Etiquette | Riding Rad

When riding an ebike, or any bike, there are some important rules to follow..

Jason Resha
Best Trails Across North America

With over five million miles of roads in North America - paved, gravel,..

Joe Samsel
Five Reasons for Businesses to Rent Ebikes

From the first pedal stroke on an electric bike people feel the fun of..

Peyton Walker
Ebike Laws Around the World

With electric bikes on the rise, it is more crucial than ever to be aware of..

Tessa Ward
A Special RadBurro Delivery

The holidays may be over, but we still have a lot of cheer thanks to the..

Tessa Ward
Inside Seattle's Biggest Bike-Commuting Day

Seattle experienced a huge spike in bike commuting this week. One trail had..

Dan Nelson
Ebiking to Better Health

Time and time again, biking has been proven to be a fantastic aerobic..

Tessa Ward
2018 Awards & Reflection

It's not polite to brag, but it is recommended to reflect. That's what we're..

Joe Flynn
Theft Prevention | Riding Rad

Electric bikes are an investment, and because of this, you'll want to make..

Luke Kipnis
Holiday Gift Guide for the Ebiker

Happy Holidays to our fellow bike enthusiasts! It is that time of year..

Dan Nelson
Ebikes for Outdoor Enthusiasts

While much of the use of electric bicycles is geared towards changing the..

Emily Ott
How to Size an Ebike

As you may have realized, sizing an ebike can be tricky! Everyone’s body is..

Jason Resha
Flat Tires No More

The only thing worse than not being able to ride is having to stop your ride..

Jason Resha
Ebike vs. Car | By the Numbers

The door closes behind me, immediately it's clear that it isn’t summer..

Joe Flynn
Tools to Carry | Riding Rad
Though the hope is that you'll never need to use them, there are a variety..
Jason Resha
The History of Ebikes

Electric bikes and bicycles alike serve many purposes in our world. Some..

Joe Flynn
Ebike Anatomy | Riding Rad

Electric bikes (ebikes) may seem complicated, but really, they are actually..

Joe Flynn
Safety Gear | Riding Rad

Aside from making sure you are having a Rad time while riding, safety is the..

Jason Resha
Winter Riding: No Such Thing As Bad Biking Weather

As the sun starts rising later and setting earlier, the rains return, and..

Evan Douglas
Why do tires keep getting fatter?

For as long as cycling has been a sport, riders have always looked for that..

Brian Rinckenberger
Lions and Tigers and Burros, Oh My!

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo strives to establish itself as a living showcase..

Tessa Ward
5 Reasons to Own an Ebike

We hear from riders on a daily basis that having an ebike has been life..

Brian Rinckenberger
Ebike Inventions | Customer Spotlight
Two organizations in Burnaby, a city located east of Vancouver in B.C.,..
Stacey Cook
Olympic Athlete Stacey Cook | Electric Bike Spotlight

When we found out that alpine skier and four-time Olympian Stacey Cook was a..

Eric Voight
Behind the Bars | RadMini

The RadMini is the perfect choice for riders looking to get a boost in..

Tessa Ward
Making History

On Sept. 15, we joined forces with Cascade Bicycle Club and hundreds of..

Eric Voight
45 Cities. 63 Days. 4 RadMinis.

45 cities in 63 days, the life of a touring musician can be equal parts..

Tessa Ward
Finding the Right Fit: Sizing Videos

Curious to know how you’ll fit on one of our ebikes? Watch these videos..

Tessa Ward
Create More Family Time
Just like the meals she prepares, Ashley Rodriguez believes that time..
Joe Flynn
How to Maximize Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used type of rechargeable battery..

Brian Rinckenberger
Transforming Mobility | RadBurro Spotlight

Transforming Mobility

Hood River Pedicab in Hood River, Oregon is..

Eric Voight
The Future Is Here | RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

Choose Your Own Adventure

With its compact folding design, its powerful 750W..

Tessa Ward
RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

We are firm believers that ebikes are the future of transportation, so we..

Tessa Ward
RadCity & RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bikes

Why did you ever stop riding a bike? There could be a variety of reasons -..

Tessa Ward
RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

We built the RadMini because nothing like it existed at the time. You..

Tessa Ward
RadRover Electric Fat Bike

There is a special place in our hearts for the RadRover. After doing custom..

Eric Voight
Find the Fun

New Year’s Eve has always been a bitter-sweet celebration for us...

Eric Voight
Rad Power Bikes Co-Founders Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

We are extremely excited to announce that today Forbes has named the three..

Eric Voight
Bike Routes in the USA's 5 Bike-Friendliest Cities

Every city is wonderful in its own way. Each has its own distinct..

Eric Voight
Investing In What Matters

Since we first launched the RadRover in 2015, Rad Power Bikes has been a..

Eric Voight
Looks Like They Forgot About Ebikes?!

We agree, it IS easier than ever to go carless in Seattle. Services like..

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